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This is me. Yes it is.
Approximate Age: 22
Current Location: Moultrie, GA
Current Project: None
Expertise: Crash Test Dummy
Occupation: Insurance Ninja
Stabbity Death Strikes Back!
Thursday. 5.11.06 10:40 pm
mood: complacent
listening to: Poe

So I went to Dairy Queen. Cause I was in the mood for ice cream. I get my ice cream, and on the way out I see this old dude with a green shirt that said "Zaxby's" on it. In fucking DAIRY QUEEN.

For the uninitiated: Zaxby's is a restaurant chain specializing in chicken. And they just got pwned by some geriatric old fart.

So just when I thought certain things couldn't get any worse, they turned around and got better. That makes me pretty happy. To the point where I haven't been as mean to people lately. It's almost scary. Me? Nice? Bah! Humbug!

Okay, but seriously, I'm all happyfied and stuff. And no, I haven't become a scientologist. Let's go to the opposite end of the spectrum. The end that involves mekeeping most of what's left of my intelligence and sanity.

No office for me tomorrow. No need. Monday afternoon's the next time they want me there, for a call clinic. And then Tuesday we're working that list. But the problem with all of this is that nobody's still bothered to take the time, sit down, fucking SHOW ME how it's done. I've been thrown into something with little to no understanding, and it really does not make Kitty very comfortable when he has to fumble about and find shit nobody told him because it ISN'T FUCKING THERE!!!

So I'm probably going to get there at 3 and make them train me. Bastards.

Shadowrun tonight, I hope. TC said he'd be on around midnight, but I didn't know whether he meant midnight his time or midnight mine. I can only assume now that he meant midnight my time, as midnight his time has come and gone. I think Tom is going to spectate, unless he actually wants to play, and I might be able to convince The Girl to spectate as well. And with any luck, TC's found one or two other runners as well. Cause I do NOT want to do another solo run.

I think I may keep one of those Vipers I found and learn how to use it. They're smaller than a Predator, I think, so they can be hidden away better. Convenient in case I can't bring my scythe along with me, ne?

Time for beer and...well, shit. I seem to be out of chipfood.

British people: There's a very big difference between chips and chipfood. Chips are chips. Chipfood is crisps. Or anything similar, such as Funyuns or Cheetos. Anything that comes in a bag in the junk food aisle, pretty much. I've lumped them into a collective, and it is chipfood. Do not confuse the two.

Isn't it strange when an American knows proper English? And don't give me any bullshit about Americanized English; I'm talking about proper ENGLISH English.

Whatever. Piss off.


EDIT: Thanks to Dro, I just laughed until beer leaked out of my nose.

This is why.

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A poem for you
Thursday. 5.11.06 9:27 am
First, let me start off by saying that I'm very aware of my layout change. I really want to sit down and tweak this thing a bit more, but for now, this will do.

Now then. I found this on my girlfriend's LiveJournal. She got it from the World of WarCraft 'lock forums. For those of you who don't know, that's where all the people who play warlocks gather. Here's the poem:

Said a mage to a lock, as they sat on the ground:
"My class are the baddest bus drivers around!
One minute in Felwood, pursued by a bear;
Next minute in Ironforge to rest and repair."

"That's all very well," the lock said with a snort,
"But clearly it's better to summon than port --
As much as it's better to ride than to crawl.
You drive people away, but they come when we call."

"That's as it may be," the mage finally allowed,
"But we truly excel in control of the crowd.
If too many trolls stand between us and treasure,
We turn them to sheep to be sheared at our leisure."

"Sheep are cute," said the lock, "and quite fit for a dip,
But they don't have the style of a corset and whip.
My demon can charm any orc till he purrs --
I just loot their chests while they're staring at hers."

The mage was struck silent, but answered at last:
"Our water's essential to make things go fast.
Just think of a raid with no water at all --
You'd start out in spring and not finish till fall!"

"Water's nice," said the lock, "for those folks who can't tap;
But remember one thing when your raid turns to crap --
When all priests are down and the tank has been owned:
You may bring the drinks, but we get people stoned."

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Update...FROM BEYOND!!!
Tuesday. 5.2.06 3:22 pm
Goddamn I haven't been here in forever.

Well, what's new, you ask? Not much. I've gotten a job and rediscovered the joy of 8-Bit Theatre. I've started playing Shadowrun with a new GM. BlackMage from 8BT would be proud of me. I managed, purely by accident, to blow up a 15-story high-rise and inadvertently kill at least 30 people. And found a can of shoe polish, which TC fears I'll actually find a use for, and that use will most likely be something destructive. See, Gabe (that's my character) is a caring sort, but can't help wreaking relentless destruction. In this, he's not neccessarily a bad guy, as he DID save a five-year-old girl from the blown-up-ed-ness of the building (her brother was saved as well but taken into custody by Lone Star, and her mother was, unfortunately, barbecued), only to learn later that she's an elementalist.

Oh yeah, and he's probably gonna have a criminal record now.

I suppose I could have made him a lot more...uncaring and ruthless. Or he could stop caring, or be one of those diabolical sorts. Or Mary could find out just WHY her mother died and kill him with fire. She seems to be good with fire.

I should get to work on that four-spell ladder thing I've been working on.

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Tuesday. 2.14.06 7:43 pm
Holy shit I haven't updated in here in forever.

Well, what's been going on? I've got two good job prospects, have taken an interest in ITT Tech, am happily single and in a new band, maybe two. Hell, maybe three. I dunno yet. Still living in Georgia though, and I want to get the fuck out of here as soon as I can, because I REALLY don't like this place. Bah. Except, some of the people are okay, which I think is the only reason I stick around anymore.


Yeah. Anyway, that's about my life right now. Oh, and it isn't Valentine's Day anymore. It's Friends Kick Ass Day now. So happy Friends Kick Ass Day!

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Fun in a Box
Sunday. 10.16.05 11:01 pm
Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:Hammer
Your Favorite Target:Buddhist Monks
Your Kill Count:1,302,701,098
Your Battle Cry:"My kidneys tingle with pleasure!"
Years You Spend in Jail:21
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$83,848,830,534,607
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 5%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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Tuesday. 10.4.05 5:47 pm
Yeah. That's right. Geekgasm. In a jar, no less.

I took this here copy of some text in a file I have on my computer. The file is a list of all the scripts I'm using in my Morrowind mod. This here .jpg o' mine shows all the scripts that I wrote for two complete sets of materia, which I've already finished and inserted into the plug-in. I wrote this before I even opened CS and started working on the mod. Fun, huh?

And just for the hell of it, I took this one a few minutes ago. See if you can figure out what's going to wrong and when.

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